The first hour;
you drink and find him very funny.
The second hour;
you're drunk and asking how can he be so crazy without drinking.
The last hours;
you hang over and just want him to shut the fuck up...


Click clac
Unlock it
Step over the frame
Get down from the sidewalk
Push on the right foot
Push on the left foot
Push on the right again
Push on the left again
Push again and again and again and again and again...

Strap the shoes like finger on a trigger
Speed up and look over the shoulder
Get speed
Roll over a dead leaf and listen to the small

Pass this girl on a green dress
Smill her and speed up!
Orange light, speed up!
Road goes up
Speed up!
You know you can do it without changing speed, so
Speed up!

Road goes down? Here we are!
First street cross
Here is a stop
No cars
Don't stop!

Second street cross
Here is a light
Red it is
Cars far away
Don't stop!

Faster than pick up
Pass it!
What the fuck is this bumper doing here?
Don't stop
Don't brake
Don't stop till death!

Street still going down
The bike clink from all over
Drop in my eyes
Smile in my mouth
Car in the face!


Tattooed girl, you look so raw
Scratchin on guitar like crazy cow

Smile on your face
Fag in the mouth
Half nasty
Half pretty

Tattooed girl we'll neva known
Is it your story on your body
Or just drawings not so fancy

Audience understoud
Your the deemed b.i.t.c.h.* in town
Eating boys like jerky beef
Just in love with a psycho deaf

*(Babe In Total Control of Herself)